Our Team​

River Advocates is governed by a Board of Directors and staffed by an executive director, volunteers and interns who serve as River Guides.

Board of Directors

The Board includes river advocates Martin Mador, president, Robert Workman, David Sloane, Dennis Richardson, Cory Slifstein, Kathy Fay, Doreen Abubakar and Aaron Goode.

River Guide

Emma Richardson is studying paddling, hosts turtle displays and assists in training crews on stormwater best practices.

River Guide

Charlotte Walsh is learning paddle rescue and helps train crews to manage stormwater.

River Volunteers

Linda Infante is enhancing a Regional Water Authority property near the Mill River for wildlife. Karen Schnitzer is educating area residents about bird life.

Executive Director

Mary Mushinsky directs programs and trains river guides. Mary has worked to restore rivers for 18 years and is the author of Urban River Permits Review and Advocacy Recommendations for the Quinnipiac, Mill and West Rivers (2015). http://www.thequinnipiacriver.com/sites/default/files/mill_river_pages.pdf

River Guides

Nick Ruffino, Lily Vining and Mariyem Sehlaoui are studying paddling and learning about river pollution to educate visitors.

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