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Project: Stormwater Training

River Advocates trains municipal public works crews and health officials to use best practices for stormwater management to avoided polluted runoff from streets and landscapes, the source of nitrogen, phosphorus and bacteria pollution that affects our urban rivers.


To date we have trained crews at North Haven DPW, North Haven Wastewater Treatment Plant, Wallingford DPW, and municipal health departments of the region.  Crew members share with us their experience managing leaves, storm drains, snow removal, vegetative stream buffers, spill cleanup, street sweeping, and controlling bacteria for maximum river protection.

Project: Fish Restoration

We support the installation of fishways throughout the greater New Haven area to allow fish spawning to proceed at those locations where a dam cannot be removed. Harry O. Haakonsen Fishway at Wallace Dam on the Quinnipiac River in Wallingford is one of these successful installations.

The numbers of returning fish are declining, perhaps from predation by recovering populations of striped bass. For now, CT DEEP prohibits fishing for migrating river herring to try and support recovery of these important prey species.


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